Officers & Directors


Picture of Sheri-and-Impala standing on a gravel path surrounded by green foliage and an old, wooden fence

Sheri Richardson, President

• Sheri lives in Seattle with her husband, her sixth Seeing Eye dog, Impala, and her retired guide, Max.
• In addition to GDUWS, she volunteers with several organizations, including Vision Loss Connections, Ski for Light, and her community neighborhood association.
• She is retired from her career in the Social Security Administration but continues to provide assistive technology training to SSA employees who use JAWS.

Marlaina Lieberg, sitting on a rusted old mortorcycle display in a restaurant with Nisha on the floor beside her.

Marlaina Lieberg, Vice-President

• Marlaina resides in Burien with her husband Gary, retired guide dog Agnes and working guide dog Nisha.
• She has been a guide dog handler since 1964.
• When she is not working on advocacy issues impacting people with vision loss, she loves cruising with her husband and working guide, cooking, reading and enjoying good wine.

Vivian Conger posing with Barbee in front of a blue textured background.

Vivian Conger, Secretary

• Vivian has been a dog guide handler for 26 years and is currently working with guide #7, Barbee, who is from Guide Dogs of the Desert.
• She works at Walla Walla Community College as a receptionist in the IT department.
• Vivian is an active member and officer in Guide Dog Users of Washington State and has been a Director on the Board of the Washington Council of the Blind.
• She serves on numerous committees for both organizations.

Holly Kaczmarski posing with aviator sunglasses pushed up into her beautiful red hair and wearing a blue Lions Club polo shirt

Holly Kaczmarski, Treasurer

• Holly is a Rehabilitation and Assistive Technology Specialist working with adults who are visually impaired and blind.
• She lives in Dayton, Washington with her pet dog and eight kitties.
• She runs an animal sanctuary for unwanted cats, rabbits, and birds.
• In addition to GDUWS, she is a WCB board member and serves on multiple committees.
• She is also secretary of her local Lions Club.

Danette sitting on a chair in front of a tiled fireplace with her black lab, Mayor, at her side.

Danette Dixon, Director 1

• Danette lives in Lynnwood with her fifth guide dog, Mayor, a black Lab from Guide Dogs for the Blind.
• She has been a guide dog user for 21 years, and is highly involved in the Guide Dog community and Washington Counsel of the Blind.
• Her mission is to help make life challenges easier for the next blind person.

Smiling Deb standing in front of a tree in a beautiful backyard filled with foliage, and Praline standing at her side.

Deb Lewis, Director 2

• Deb lives in Seattle with her husband and sixth guide dog, Praline.
• Deb works at the University of Washington, is Treasurer of the WA council of the Blind and is active in her church.